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Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS)

A more humane practice for hogs and poultry

Are you a hog or poultry processor considering a move away from electrical water bath or mechanical stunning?


Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) is used more and more nowadays to humanely stun and even slaughter animals destined for human consumption. Replacing traditional stunning methods with gas stunning improves animal welfare, reduces physical handling by slaughterhouse employees, and improves meat quality. Whether you need CO₂, nitrogen, argon, oxygen or a mix of those gases, our experts look forward to assisting you.


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John Murphy
John Murphy

Food Application Specialist, Americas

What should I consider when evaluating a new Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) system installation?

The most important step is to properly size the CAS system.  As production ramps up, the system must have sufficient capacity or will have to be replaced.  Another common issue is maintaining the proper gas concentration and distribution.  The causes for this can vary from faults in the CAS system to issues with ventilation and exhaust.  Our food specialists will be there to help you address these issues before, during, and after installation.