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Improved productivity, fewer rejects and a better working environment

Maxx® weld process (shielding) gases are a unique range of gases, delivering the best combination of quality, productivity and safety.

The Maxx® range has been designed following rigorous testing under real working conditions.

Maxx® gases deliver the highest levels of performance - including better weld quality and faster welding speeds - to maximise productivity, reduce rejects and improve your working environment. Achieve more with fewer rejects when welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or high-performance alloys

What Gases are Available in Air Products' Maxx® Range?​

Ferromaxx® gases range

For faster, cleaner welding of carbon steel

Inomaxx® gases range

Maximum performance for welding stainless steel

Alumaxx® gases range

One gas that works for all aluminium welding

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Ask the Expert

Jason Picard
Jason Picard

Welding and Metal Fabrication Specialist

Need help deciding which Ar/CO2 blend is optimum for your welding process?

Base material thickness is probably the most important variable. Welding on thicker materials requires more penetration; therefore, choosing the correct shielding gas mix and wire is critical.

For thicker weldments above 1/8”, 75/25 Ar/CO2 with flux core wire or 90/10 metal core wire can improve penetration.

75/25 flux core offers great versatility in all positions and is the most common in commercial production welding shops for structural weldments.

90/10 metal core makes the weld puddle soupy, more fluid, and harder to handle for vertical and overhead positions. However, it has great penetration for flat and horizontal on T and Butt Joints.

75/25 solid wire and short circuit transfer is typical when welding on 1/8” material or less with the correct amperage and voltage. This allows for better control and welding can be done in all positions with less penetration above 1/8” weldments. The 75/25 gas mix works great for sheet metal, car body shops and thinner mild steel weldments.