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Industrial Decarbonization

Today, heavy industry accounts for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions.* As the leader in low carbon intensity hydrogen production and other decarbonization-ready technologies, like carbon capture, Air Products can help power generation, electronics, iron and steel, and other customers along their decarbonization journeys.

Applications for a Cleaner Energy Future

Low-Carbon Hydrogen Blending

Replacing or blending natural gas with low-carbon-intensity hydrogen, like green and blue hydrogen, can help energy-intensive industries lower their carbon emissions and meet sustainability goals. 

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology

Air Products' carbon capture and sequestration technology enables manufacturers to reduce net emissions by capturing emitted CO₂ and sequestering it underground.

Oxy-fuel Combustion Technology

For industries striving toward energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, advanced combustion technologies and alternative fuels offer unique possibilities for cost reduction, productivity and sustainability.

Why hydrogen for decarbonizing heavy industry?

In energy-intensive sectors of our economy where electrification isn't practical―like heavy industry and heavy transportation―clean hydrogen molecules can provide a zero-emissions source of energy.

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