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Accelerating the Energy Transition

By investing billions of dollars in low-carbon hydrogen projects, Air Products aims to drive decarbonization of heavy transportation and industrial sectors that are hard to electrify. Zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can decarbonize heavy modes of transport, like buses, trucks, ships and more, while hydrogen can also provide lower-carbon-intensity power to heavy industrial sectors, like steelmaking and chemicals processing. 

Technologies for a Cleaner Energy Future

Hydrogen Leadership

Air Products is making significant investment in renewable hydrogen for the world. In addition, given the urgency of reaching net-zero emissions, blue hydrogen is also essential to a successful energy transition.

Carbon Capture Expertise

Air Products is a global leader in capturing CO₂ . Our technology is built on decades of experience, covering advanced CO₂ separation, purification and transportation.

Hydrogen for Mobility

We work together with customers, industry experts, and governments to provide hydrogen solutions to support them on their sustainability journey.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Air Products is at the forefront of existing and developing global LNG projects, and the majority of worldwide LNG today is produced with Air Products’ technology.


Rotoflow, the most trusted name in turbomachinery and an Air Products business, works with our LNG equipment and cycle experts to provide seamless product development and optimal liquefier performance.

Membrane Solutions

Air Products Membrane Solutions play a key role in clean energy capabilities. We offer a full portfolio of membrane separators, marine systems and engineered-to-order systems.


Hydrogen Megaprojects Supporting Energy Transition

The energy and environmental challenges facing the planet need innovation and real investment now. 

We have made an industry-leading capital commitment in first-mover hydrogen projects, bringing together a portfolio of technologies and expertise. We want to ensure the future climate benefits generated by these projects come online at a crucial moment in the energy transition.

Hydrogen for Mobility: Generating a Cleaner Future

Air Products’ higher purpose includes addressing the world’s need for clean energy and materials while reducing environmental impacts. Hydrogen is key to rising to these challenges, and our H2fM Hydrogen for Mobility solutions cover the entire value chain for hydrogen fueling.

Generating a cleaner future involves experience, investment and innovation on a world scale. We have the technology, the track record, the capital and the ambition to be a first-mover in bringing the hydrogen economy to scale.

Leading the Way through the Energy Transition

Grounded in decades of history and global reach, we take our role in working towards a cleaner environment seriously. We use our technical expertise, proven technology, strong local knowledge, and established safety practices to innovate and constantly improve and expand hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.