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PRISM® PSA Systems - Pressure Swing Adsorption Plants for On-site Nitrogen Generation

On Demand. Made-to-Measure. Reliable Solution

Experience and technology. For over 50 years, nitrogen gas users have depended on Air Products PRISM® PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology for convenient, reliable, and  cost-effective on-site nitrogen gas generation. Our portfolio of nitrogen PSA plants meets a range of specifications, including purity, usage pattern, portability, footprint and power consumption, delivering industry-leading technology and reliability across a range of industries, applications, and volume requirements.

Whether you seek small or large volumes, low or high purity, and are looking for nitrogen solutions that adapt to your changing production needs, PRISM® PSA systems are used every day around the world to provide a safe environment, protect valuable products from contaminants and optimize performance in packaging and preserving applications.

Experience and technology are just two of the things you can count on with on-site gas supply from Air Products. PRISM® PSA systems also deliver fast and easy installation and integration to your operations as well as reliable and dependable nitrogen supply from an integrated system of gas generation and liquid backup for peak shaving.

Let us design the optimal, made-to-measure nitrogen on-site gas generation system and work with you for the lifetime of your nitrogen gas needs whether under a long term gas supply contract or with plant services and technical support under an equipment sale agreement.

Download PRISM® PSA Nitrogen Generation System brochure

PRISM ® Pressure Swing Adsorption Process Overview

PRISM PSAs can economically produce nitrogen gas at flowrates from less than 2,000 scfh to greater than 60,000 scfh at purities of 95-99.9995%.

Air Products’ pressure swing adsorption technology consists of four main operations:

  • Air compression
  • Air pretreatment
  • Adsorption/desorption
  • Product delivery

PSA systems compress an air stream, which passes through filters before flowing to adsorption vessels that adsorb the oxygen molecules and allow nitrogen to pass through at the desired purity. Automatic cycling of the two beds enables continuous production of nitrogen.

PRISM® PSA Systems – Optimized Nitrogen Production

Fast and Easy Installation, Integration, and Start-up

Compact footprint, skidded design, and fully automated controls make PSA systems an easy decision for on-site nitrogen generation

High Reliability for Dependable Gas Supply

Fully integrated on-site production and liquid backup systems provide higher on-stream supply reliability, and 24/7 remote monitoring and support brings rapid troubleshooting and enhanced safety to your operations

Low Operating Cost

Proprietary adsorption process and turndown capabilities minimizes power consumption and enable rapid response to changing production needs; all while requiring minimal overall system maintenance cost

Applications Support and Operational Excellence Closer to You

Let our team of industry experts and applications engineers audit your existing supply system to identify gas optimization and cost-saving solutions, improving your operational performance and saving you money long-term

Commercial Options for On-site Nitrogen Production

Sale-of-gas contracts where Air Products owns and operates the plant or sale-of-equipment agreements where Air Products provides services and support for your customer-owned plant

​Interested in on-site gas generation, plants and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective, efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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