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Hydrogen Onsite Generators

Onsite generation of hydrogen is an alternative to delivered product and offers customers a unique way to supply their fueling station. Two technologies are available - methane reformers and electrolyzers.

Air Products' PRISM® hydrogen generators are steam methane reformers that use a highly efficient, robust process that minimizes operating costs. PRISM hydrogen generators are designed to supply fueling stations up to 1,800 kgs per day. The hydrogen purity from our generators will meet the stringent requirements of fuel cell applications.

The generators feature a compact modular design for easy installation. High onstream time is enabled by the reliability designed in the PRISM hydrogen generator and easy maintenance. Fully integrated backup systems can also be provided to help maintain uninterrupted supply.

Air Products PRISM hydrogen generator

  • Gaseous hydrogen 
  • Steam methane reformer (SMR) 
  • 200–1800 kg/day 
  • High Reliability
  • Purity levels 99.999% or better 
  • Compact, modular design

PRISM® hydrogen generator supply options


Air Products designs, installs, maintains, owns and operates the hydrogen generator at your site with redundant backup supply for increased reliability.


Air Products designs and ships a turn-key hydrogen generator to you via a purchase agreement. You install, own and operate the plant at your site or purchase services from Air Products to support the plants installation, operation, and maintenance.

Benefits of Prism Hydrogen Generators (PHG)

Cost-effective supply

Efficient use of natural gas minimizes energy costs and reduces the overall unit gas cost on a per unit basis

Easy installation

Fully skidded, compact, modular design requires a small footprint and is easily installed - reducing downtime and minimizes operating costs

High Reliability

Real-time 24/7 remote monitoring and fully integrated backup systems allow for uninterrupted product supply

Flexible Operating

Designed with industry-leading start-up and turndown modes, PHGs can be installed as single or multi-unit systems to provide flexible and efficient supply

Portfolio of supply options to meet a range of requirements

We offer the full spectrum of on-site hydrogen generators and can offer the right solution for your requirements whatever the volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern may be.

Expertise you can depend on and also peace of mind

Let our experts take the guesswork out of finding a low cost, long term, sustainable alternative to delivered hydrogen using on-site hydrogen production

Hydrogen electrolyzer

In addition to PRISM hydrogen generators, Air Products works with industry leading suppliers of electrolyzers to integrate this mode of onsite production into fueling stations and power-to-gas applications.  Air Products engineers design the station to work seamlessly with the electrolyzer, ensuring the project is safe, reliable and cost effective.

Key features of electrolyzers:

  • Gaseous hydrogen
  • Proton exchange membrane (PEM) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) technology
  • Carbon free hydrogen production if renewable electricity used
  • Various quantities/day depending on fueling station requirements
  • Purity levels 99.9995%
  • Good turn-down capabilities for varying demand


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity

Hydrogen for Fueling

In recent years, hydrogen has come to the forefront as an alternative, environmentally-friendly fuel. As an energy carrier, hydrogen provides many advantages versus other alternatives, particularly when used in a fuel cell.

Interested in onsite production of hydrogen?

Talk to our experts about the benefits of onsite production of hydrogen and how it compares to hydrogen delivered to your site.

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