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Freshline MP cryogenic tunnel Freezer

Freshline® MP Tunnel Freezer

Keep an edge on your competitors with the latest cryogenic freezing features

Are you looking for an efficient high throughput cryogenic freezer? Are you keen on having a tunnel freezer whose design meets and most often exceeds the latest hygiene and safety standards? Are you looking for optimal convenience with a solution tailored to your varying freezing and/or chilling needs?

Meet our best seller, the state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose (MP) Tunnel Freezer. It is designed to provide exceptional performance and optimal flexibility while incorporating the latest international hygiene features.

Ask the Expert

Food Industry Manager, Americas
Scott Robertson

Food Industry Manager, Americas

How much time does it take to install a new cryogenic freezer?

Cryogenic freezers are much easier to install than mechanical systems and require less infrastructure work. The installation itself typically takes a few days.