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Cryogenic solutions for constant temperature control during the manufacture, storage and distribution of vaccines 

To maintain chemically manufactured drugs, biological preparations used in vaccines and other medicines at stable temperature, Air Products offers a range of effective and reliable cryogenic solutions that ensure temperature control during the manufacturing process as well as keeping the vaccine’s "cold chain" at the right temperature during transportation.

For every stage, from manufacturing, storage to distribution, any type of vaccine can be safely stored and distributed to the point of use.

Our Cryogenic Solutions

Our global network at your service

As a world leading industrial gas supplier, we offer liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide in a variety of purities and in various modes of supply thanks to our network of storage and transfill facilities.

Cryogenic benefits

Complete Cryogenic Solutions

Cryogenic solutions for every stage, from manufacturing, storage to distribution

Ensure Product Structure Integrity

Cryogenic cooling and freezing preserve vaccines, serum and tissues

Fast & Economic

Liquid nitrogen provides fast and reliable chilling and freezing methods to pharmaceutical and biotechnology materials

Protect Vaccines during Transportation

High refrigeration capacity of dry ice makes it an excellent alternative to traditional refrigeration systems

Process Monitoring and Control

Remotely manage your gas usage and tracking of temperatures to help detect issues early

Full-scale Enabler

Product development or full-scale production capabilities

All Modes of Gas Supply

A convenient and cost-effective, reliable gas supply solution

Cryogenic Expertise

Over 50 years of cryogenic expertise to support your specific needs