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More even heating. Even more heating performance.

Boost your reverb performance

Air Products’ patented Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner is the only smart burner technology in the world using a sensor-driven control strategy to direct heat down toward the melt, sequentially to all areas of your furnace. This allows you to achieve more even heating throughout your reverb furnace, eliminate cold zones, and maximize melt rates.

Why choose the Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner?

Air Products Transient Heating burner
Conventional sidewall-fired burners direct energy into open spaces within a furnace and radiate energy in all directions, transferring heat directly to the melt and indirectly to the refractory. The rate of overall energy input is determined and limited by the maximum allowable surface temperature of the refractory. In contrast, the Transient Heating burner, is usually mounted on the furnace roof and typically has four nozzles directed toward four quadrants of the furnace below the burner. Using proprietary control techniques, coupled with temperature feedback, the burner can direct heat to any combination of the quadrants; delivering the efficiency benefits of direct flame impingement, while avoiding overheating by limiting the firing in any one direction. 
Your key operating personnel can have instantaneous access to up-to-date burner operating parameters in your control room or remote computers and smart devices through Air Products Process Intelligence, which uses state-of-the-art on-burner diagnostic sensors and wireless communications technology to monitor and control our gases and equipment as well as track key process parameters.


Download Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner Data Sheet

This innovative technology can help you realize:

Up to 40% increased productivity

Up to 40% improved fuel efficiency

Up to 20% higher metal yield

When installed in a reverb furnace, our Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner can help you:

  • Prevent overheating and non-uniform temperature distribution by delivering heat to where it is needed in the furnace
  • Prevent oxidation and melt losses by creating a reducing atmosphere near the melt
  • Minimize NOx generation by lowering flame temperature via staging of fuel and oxygen

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The Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner, featuring Process Intelligence

Learn how Air Products' Transient Heating burner can help increase your overall heat transfer efficiency, achieve more uniform heating throughout your furnace, eliminate cold zones, and maximize melt rates to improve your bottom line.

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