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Showcasing LNG Solutions at LNG2023

As the world leader in hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology, and other leading and proprietary technologies, Air Products has its finger on the pulse of the energy transition. We're a proud sponsor of Gastech Hydrogen.

Visit us at the 2022 Gastech Exhibition & Conference | Gastech Hydrogen, Milan, Italy, September 5 - 8.

Hall 13 Space L21

Our Core Products & Technologies at Gastech


Hydrogen megaprojects are tangible energy transition difference makers and showcase Air Products’ large project build-own-operate capabilities and excellence.*

Gastech Events Featuring Air Products


Panel Title: Hydrogen: From Concept to Reality
Who: Chief Operating Officer Dr. Samir J. Serhan
Description: Dr. Samir J. Serhan will discuss hydrogen's key role in the energy transition as well as Air Products' investment in generating a cleaner future. Read Dr. Serhan's thoughts on Why Now is the Time to Invest in Tomorrow’s Energy.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 10:30 AM GMT+2

Panel Title:
 Liquefaction Design
Presentation by Chris Ott, Air Products Senior Process Engineering Associate
Presentation Title: Turning LNG Greener: LNG Liquefaction Using Electric Drive
Description: This paper discusses the benefits of using electric motors to power refrigerant compressors (vs. steam or gas turbines) in natural gas liquefaction.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 9 AM GMT+2

Panel Title: Carbon Footprint Reduction in Liquefaction
Presentation by Mark Roberts, Air Products Senior Research Associate
Presentation Title: Liquefaction of Natural Gas Feeds Containing Hydrogen
Description: This paper discusses the technical challenges of liquefying natural gas that contains hydrogen. As many countries consider blending green H2 into natural gas pipelines, this paper answers many questions LNG plant owners have about the effect this will have on their production.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 11 AM GMT+2

Panel Title: Offtake and Upscale: Building a Launchpad for the Hydrogen Economy
Who: VP, Green Hydrogen Project Development, Ahmed Hababou
Description: Ahmed Hababou will discuss hydrogen project development, evolving project funding models, and which market sectors provide the most growth potential for hydrogen.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 11:45 AM GMT+2

Hydrogen Experts

Air Products is the world's largest hydrogen producer with over 60 years of experience. We are hydrogen experts delivering safe, end-to-end solutions, investing in real, clean energy projects at scale, and driving the industry forward to generate a cleaner future.

Unmatched LNG Expertise

No company has more experience in the supply of natural gas liquefaction processes and equipment than Air Products. Our unique ability to integrate the liquefaction process design and critical liquefaction equipment leads to an optimization of performance, costs, operability and reliability that has become the benchmark for the LNG industry.

Let's work together.

We help customers along their energy transition journey. Contact us to see how we can find solutions for you.

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*Sapio, an Air Products’ JV company located in Italy, can also provide H2 solutions to support the energy transition.