APEX Nitrogen Supply Services for Pipelines

Air Products offers nitrogen for your short-term or emergency gas needs

When you need short-term or emergency industrial gas supply for your pipeline operation—particularly during pigging, product displacements, line drying, pressure testing, maintenance purging, and pipeline decommissioning—you need help quickly to remain online and productive. For over 40 years, customers have come to rely on Air Products’ APEX Industrial Nitrogen Supply Services for fast, reliable temporary gas supply. APEX nitrogen supply can save you time and money by safely and economically meeting your nitrogen needs over a wide range of pressures, flow rates, and temperatures.

Let our experience help you to succeed and meet your needs for:

  • Purging, inerting or blanketing your piping systems
  • Drying your piping systems
  • Pipeline commissioning or decommissioning
  • Pressure testing of piping systems
  • Product displacement
  • O2-freeing
  • Pipeline pig pushing or "pigging"
  • Water removal and drying after hydrotesting

Call Air Products at 1-800-APEX-GAS (available 24/7).

Case Studies

Check out our case studies to see how we helped customers save time and money with APEX nitrogen and hydrogen services for planned and emergency gas needs.