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Cross section of Prism Membrane separator

PRISM® Membrane Separators

Your clear choice when you need a reliable, mobile, and low-maintenance membrane separator for your product line of gas systems. PRISM Membrane Separators consist of thousands of hollow fibers that act as a molecular filter to separate compressed gases into individual elements, including nitrogen or hydrogen.

Whether you’re separating air for a nitrogen supply or upgrading biomethane, Air Products Membrane Solutions’ portfolio of PRISM Membrane Separators can deliver a pure, dry gas stream that is ready to use.

Our Offerings

PA Membrane Family

Commonly used for nitrogen
or oxygen enrichment
atmosphere (OEA) generation.

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PB Membrane Family

Commonly used for high
pressure applications such
as biogas upgrading.

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Dehydration Membranes

Commonly used to remove
water vapor from compressed
air streams.

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The benefits of PRISM Membranes

Field-proven in a wide variety of applications

Significant savings vs. other technologies

Easily expandable systems

Lightweight and compact

Minimal maintenance on membranes and systems

No moving parts

Ideal for remote locations

Long-lasting performance