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California Sustainable Aviation Fuel Facility

Air Products' $2.5 billion major expansion project will produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at World Energy’s Paramount, California location. This site is the world’s first and North America’s only commercial-scale SAF production facility. 

As part of the project, Air Products has extended its Southern California hydrogen pipeline network to supply hydrogen to the existing World Energy facility and further increase supply reliability for all of Air Products’ hydrogen pipeline network customers in Southern California. The expanded pipeline network will also enable us to provide low- or zero-carbon hydrogen in the future.

The project, which represents another pioneering moment in Air Products’ commitment to help support the energy transition, will help advance California's decarbonization goals by producing a renewable fuel to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry.

By the Numbers



The world’s first commercial-scale sustainable aviation fuel production facility.


340 million

gallons per year total plant capacity


>$2.5 billion

major conversion project



sustainable fuel, made from renewable feedstocks



mile expansion of Air Products’ existing Southern California hydrogen pipeline



projected on-stream 

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project

Targeted for 2025 commercial operation, this facility will utilize renewable feedstocks to produce 100% sustainable aviation fuels. Air Products will construct and own the facilities, including a new hydrogen plant (to be operated by Air Products) as well as renewable fuels manufacturing facilities (to be operated by World Energy), while also extending the company’s existing Southern California hydrogen pipeline network.

Project Location and Pipeline Extension

This project is another pioneering moment in Air Products’ commitment to help support the energy transition. We are already building the world’s largest green hydrogen facility with our partners in Saudi Arabia and the world’s largest blue hydrogen facility in Louisiana. Now we are teaming up with World Energy to build North America's largest SAF facility.

Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President & CEO, Air Products

This is another world-scale, history-making energy transition project for Air Products ― one that showcases our onsite offerings and will again demonstrate our large project construction capabilities. It will also enhance the value of our existing hydrogen pipeline in Southern California as we increase our supply capacity with the connection to the new hydrogen production facility we will build in Paramount.

Dr. Samir J. Serhan, Chief Operating Officer, Air Products

Getting real about net-zero aviation, is going to require the mobilization of resources unlike anything that has ever come before. We are pulling together the very best companies in the world with the expertise, experience, commitment, and focus on collaborating to push the frontier of what can be done to decarbonize aviation today while building a platform for what needs to be done to decarbonize flight by 2050. This is an immense undertaking. But it must be done, and it requires that we move with speed, collaboration, and determination befitting the problem we aim to tackle.

Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy

We're the World's Largest Hydrogen Producer

Creating a cleaner future requires experience, investment, and innovation on a world-scale. At Air Products, we have the technology, the track record, the capital and the ambition to be a first-mover in pursuit of this goal. Together we are providing hydrogen solutions that address some of the world’s most significant energy and environmental challenges, moving us all toward a cleaner energy future.