APEX Hydrogen Services

Air Products' APEX (Express) Hydrogen Services provide a fast, flexible supply of high-quality backup hydrogen during the planned or unplanned shutdown of your primary hydrogen source. We can also provide hydrogen for production trials, plant start-up procedures and to supplement your own hydrogen supply to satisfy high production requirements during periods of peak demand. We offer a full spectrum of hydrogen supply options ranging from compressed hydrogen in tube trailers to bulk liquid delivery that can satisfy requirements up to 5 million SCFD (5475 Nm3/hr) at pressures up to 3,500 psig (241 barg).

Emergency / Spot hydrogen supply can help you avoid losses from having to suspend operations due to the shutdown of your primary hydrogen source, and also help you maximize profits by supplementing your own hydrogen supply to boost production during periods of peak demand. You can depend on APEX Services for hydrogen supply because Air Products is the largest supplier of hydrogen in the world with the largest private U.S. industrial gas tanker fleet. For the safe, economical and reliable supply of your industrial gas needs, just call our dedicated APEX hotline at:

1-800-APEX-GAS (USA)
+44 (0) 1270 614 114 (UK)
+44 (0) 161 252 4242 (Europe)
+65 6494 2240 (Asia)
+65 6853 6800 (Asia - emergency number)


  • Manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances and hydrogenation of fats and oils.
  • In petroleum refineries for isomerization, hydrotreating, catalyst regeneration, sulfur plant tail gas units, etc.
  • Maximize onstream time by providing backup hydrogen during the planned or unplanned outage of a consumer's primary hydrogen source
  • Boost production by supplementing primary supply with purchased hydrogen to meet peak production requirements or during favorable economic conditions.
  • Boost hydrogen purity by blending our pure hydrogen with your plant hydrogen to capture productivity gains or delay a reformer turnaround to a more desirable timeframe.
  • Avoid capital expenditure for a plant expansion to satisfy intermittent hydrogen needs.


  • Application technology know-how available for safe and effective hydrogen use
  • Custom engineered service. We provide storage, vaporization and delivery systems tailored to match the flow rate, pressure and duration of your hydrogen requirement.
  • Fast set-up. We are equipped to generally have you on-line within 24 hours of arrival at your site.
  • Quick Commitment. Dedicated APEX hotline, you can call 24/7 to get a timely assessment of your needs and a fast commitment to for your job.
  • Rapid response. We can quickly mobilize to meet your needs for emergency hydrogen supply.
  • Reliability. Our extensive manufacturing plant and distribution infrastructure, experience, and systems and software help ensure hydrogen delivery reliability that is second to none.
  • Safety: Best safety record in the industry.
  • Unique and most cost effective compression technology for high pressure applications

Technical Reference Downloads 

Industrial Hydrogen Services (PDF, 92 K)  

High pressure mobile hydrogen filling station (PDF, 877 KB) 

Temporary/Emergency Gas Services 

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