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Industrial Nitrogen Services: Air Products APEX Services has been providing temporary nitrogen for over thirty years and regularly completes over 800 nitrogen jobs annually. Customers range from major refineries to LNG terminals to chemical plants to pipeline companies to aerospace firms.

Customer Experience – Nitrogen Highlights
Customer Location Product Application
Refinery California Nitrogen Cooldown for turnaround, support catalyst changeout, inert entry
Power Plant Florida Nitrogen Pipe freezing
Refinery Texas Nitrogen Fast response for refinery start-up during hurricane recovery
Petrochemical Plant Texas Nitrogen Purging, inerting coldbox derime and cooldown with over 200 million standard cubic feet
LNG Terminal Maryland Nitrogen Cooldown in advance of LNG delivery, 54 million to 70 million scg of N2
Aerospace Firm California Nitrogen Satellite testing
Refinery Texas Nitrogen Extinguish refinery fire
Petrochemical Plant Illinois Nitrogen Ethylene plant turnaround
Pipeline Company Texas Nitrogen Pipeline decommissioning for testing and repair, over 130 trucks of LIN and four pumper trucks
Pipeline Company Pennsylvania Nitrogen Product displacement

Industrial Hydrogen Services: Air Products APEX Services has been providing temporary hydrogen for nearly twenty years utilizing proprietary technology to meet customers’ individual pressure and flow requirements. With the capability to supply five million cubic feet per day, we routinely assist refineries, chemical plants, and power plants and when their primary hydrogen source is unavailable and provide supplemental hydrogen to meet demand during peak production periods.

Customer Experience – Hydrogen Highlights
Customer Location Product Application
Refinery California Hydrogen Catalyst regeneration
Chemical Plant Louisiana Hydrogen Back-up hydrogen when customer's reformer went down
Refinery Texas Hydrogen Catalyst activation
Power Plant New York Hydrogen Turbine bearing cooling
Refinery Texas Hydrogen Supplemental hydrogen to boost production for 115 days
Refinery Louisiana Hydrogen Customer production trials
Petrochemical Plant Texas Hydrogen Expanded petrochemical production
Electronics Texas Hydrogen Supported silicon wafer production during hydrogen pipeline supply outage
Food Processor Arkansas Hydrogen Hydrogenation of edible oils


Temporary/Emergency Gas Services

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