With higher standards for clean air and a need for less dependence on foreign oil, interest in alternative fuels has never been greater.  Hydrogen is one of the key fuels being considered because it is abundant, efficient, and unlike other alternatives, it produces no emissions when used in a fuel cell.

There are numerous developments underway around the world related to the use of hydrogen as fuel in marine applications.  Both private and government agencies are developing products that rely on hydrogen fuel cells for the generation of clean, efficient and quiet power.

As the world's largest supplier of merchant hydrogen and an industry leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure, Air Products is at the forefront of the development of hydrogen technologies in this emerging market.

Additionally, we offer a full line of epoxy curatives and resins for use in marine coatings.


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Advancing Innovative Hydrogen Technologies

Air Products has the extensive knowledge and experience in hydrogen production, distribution and storage to support the Marine Industry.


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